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21 day free trial
Less than $3 million annual revenue

Limited features:

Enter costs for each product & variant
Enter transaction fees for multiple payment gateways
No Advertising connections
Manually upload shipping costs in bulk




21 day free trial trial
Less than $3 million annual revenue

Lite plan features plus:

Automatically pull in Facebook Ad spend
Automatically pull in Google Adword spend
Automatically pull in COGS & ship costs from AliExpress using our Chrome Extension
Automatically pull in shipping costs*
*currently available for ShipStation, Shippo, ShippingEasy, Amazon FBA, and ShipWire



21 day free trial
Greater than $3 million annual revenue

Growth features plus:

API available for uploading shipping costs
API available for uploading COGS
Priority email and phone support

Join the 500 + stores using OrderMetrics...they can't all be wrong!

We are commited to keep our prices low and fair. We are able to do this by focusing on improving our product, not having pressure from outside investors, and not investing heavily in sales or marketing.

Annual revenue is based on the specific online store you are signing up

Enterprise plans with SLA available - please email us at hello@ordermetrics.io

Real, Raw, Testimonials.

These guys are amazing and so is this app! This is the only app that includes shipping into your daily profit. Ordermetrics has helped us out tremendously and gave us new insight into our business. Hank is especially really helpful and everything we ask of him and Order Metrics, he makes sure it is completed in a promptly manner. Ordermetrics is simply just one of the best apps on Shopify.

We've been using OrderMetrics for over two months now. The insight it's given us into our business has been a game changer. We were seamlessly able to see how our shipping was affecting our margin AND dynamically make changes to increase our profit margin from the inside. This was a number that we assumed was fixed and there wasn't much playing around with it we could do. OrderMetrics blew us away and has given us more money to the bottom line.

Holy cow! Where were you 6 years ago when I started my shop OrderMetrics? I used to sync my orders with a zap to a Google Sheet. Then pay a Virtual Assistant to manually enter shipping costs and COGS. This app does it all for me now! Plus, it adds my ad spends and other fees. Calculates all gross and net profits for me. I know they are working on more features an integration (cost of apps!) so that the numbers get even close to reality. As a solo business owner, I love this app. It really keeps me on track of what kind of deals I can do to specific customers. Love it!

About Order Metrics

OrderMetrics.io is built and maintained by ex-ecommerce professionals who were dissastisfied by the tools on the market which lacked the ability to track shipping costs and advertising spend when calculating profitability. Our goal is to help other ecommerce companies maximize their profit. If you have any questions please reach out to hello@OrderMetrics.io. We are here to help!


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