Profit analytics for growing ecommerce companies.

The metrics you need to improve order profitability, monitor Ad Spend, and optimize shipping performance. Get setup in minutes

Instant Metrics to show you where your store is and is not making money

Multiple shipping, advertising and order sources in one place ties your Fedex, USPS, UPS, Freight and other shipping data with your order data, advertising costs, and COGS. Giving you the ability to analyze profitability on a per order basis.

Order Profitability

Quickly identify products or shipping methods that are not profitable and find out why.

Shipping Analysis

Discover regions where shipments are taking too long and have high shipping costs. simplifies Business Intelligence with 4 key pieces of data

  1. Customer order data from multiple sources, including discounts

  2. Cost of good data (COGS), upload in bulk or manually

  3. Shipping costs synced from your shipping software/carrier or upload manually

  4. Facebook Ads and Google Adwords spend

We combine this data to offer you actionable insights into your company.
  • Search, filter, export, and visualize your data to analyze each order’s profitability

  • Discover areas where you are making and losing money

  • Pricing and shipping method suggestions based off statistical analysis of orders

  1. Profit margin by product

  2. Profit margin by orders with products commonly purchased together

  3. Avg. Shipping cost by product

  4. Avg. Shipping cost & margin by shipping method

Connect data from many sources

Order Integrations
Shipping Integrations

Advertising Integrations

Don't see your platform? Contact us for a custom integration

Order Metrics is currently available in the

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